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Competitive Advantage

Data for the 99% — experts in their own disciplines who want to improve their ability to use data.

A data literate work force is quickly becoming a competitive advantage to maintain an innovative culture. A data literate work force promotes a more effective data culture and organizational ability to benefit from the powerful value that data provides. Signal workshops broaden and deepen data literacy across your organization.

Signal workshops have proven effective for organizations including Socrata (for Metro Nashville, City of Little Rock, City of Austin, among others), XPLANE, University of San Francisco, and Pacific Northwest College of Art. Signal integrates design thinking and data analysis education to help experts in your organization get better at turning their passion into powerful solutions to complex problems.

Signal has designed and delivered data literacy and analysis education for organizations including O’Reilly Media, NATO, United Nations, City of Memphis, Michigan State University, Fastly, and Southern California Edison. We have delivered data solutions in industries including: education, technology, publishing, government, travel, entertainment, insurance, and food and beverage.

Demonstrated Benefits from Signal Workshops:

  • cost savings

  • new and improved revenue streams

  • social good and economic community benefits

  • enhanced job satisfaction and performance

  • more powerful and effective data-driven culture

We would love to share actual use cases and specific examples.

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Signal workshops are essential for anyone who uses, shares or creates data—in short, all of us. Technically accessible, Signal helps us understand how best to benefit from the opportunities that have arisen from the emergence of big data
— Matt Morasky, Partner, Head of Client Experience Territory Global

There are deep thinkers and there are wide thinkers, but it is rare to find people who are so thoroughly both — and on so many topics. Signal brings a thoughtful humanity to data work that is rare and badly needed. This an increasingly is an important ability at this collision point between society and big data.
— Dave King, General Manager EMEA, XPLANE Amsterdam

Our data science and business students are well aware of the value of data. Signal creates an awareness of the values that we need to bring to our work with data. Their workshop provides a valuable framework for asking values-based questions, being proactive, and considering broader consequences. As the amount of data – and the variety of business applications – continues to grow, this kind of capability is only going to become more important, for professionals as well as students.
— Vijay Mehrotra, Professor, University of San Francisco School of Management