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Foundational Programs


Solution design workshops

Learn data analysis skills using real-world data.

A practical series of learning workshops designed to provide a safe, low risk space to practice integrating design thinking with data literacy and analysis.

T3 Program (train the trainer)

Scale up your data literacy and analysis capability.

A comprehensive program to integrate design thinking with data literacy and analysis education. Suitable for an individual, a team, or an entire department, or organization and designed in collaboration with you.

data ethics and privacy

Build a sustainable data culture.

A practical, modular program to provide individual or group learning on data ethics, privacy, and compliance.

Coming soon!


Real-World Benefits from Signal Workshops:

  • cost savings

  • new and improved revenue streams

  • social good and economic community benefits

  • enhanced job satisfaction and performance

  • more powerful and effective data-driven culture

We would love to share actual use cases and specific examples.

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