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Collaborative By Design

The integration of design thinking principles and data operations has proven to be a powerful combination. Data remains a rapidly evolving set of technologies, strategic and tactical individual and organizational capabilities, and increasingly powerful competitive advantage.

Building a data culture of teamwork and collaboration generates powerful outcomes by applying the expertise of multiple disciplines to complex data problems. Data is a team sport and gone are the days when any one individual is sufficient to take full advantage of the benefits data can bring to your organization. A team is necessary and Signal’s workshops provide ample opportunity to learn and practice how to apply the expertise of multiple experts to increase your organization’s data literacy and analysis skills.

Data-informed decisions result from thoughtful processes that cultivate information from multiple sources and team members from numerous perspectives. In traditional organizations, responsibilities are rigidly prescribed by job titles. In adaptive organizations, individuals work together across departments and disciplines to address shared challenges holistically and comprehensively.

Changing an organizational culture is not an easy task. Particularly when it requires people to engage with new concepts and ways of doing business. Signal’s team has decades of experience helping individuals, teams and organizations learn and apply new concepts and models to get better outcomes - by design!


Solution design workshops

Solution design workshops provide opportunities to practice data analysis on real world topics with low risk and high learning potential

Data Culture Design and Strategy

Collaboratively designed with key stakeholders, Signal experts work with you to develop an action plan to implement a data culture program for individual departments or entire organizations

train the trainer

Signal’s T3 Program empowers multiple staff to bring the power of design thinking to data literacy and analysis for your organization rapidly increasing the pace of building a data culture

Communicating with Data

The value of data analysis is limited without a compelling story to explain the results. Data literacy includes the ability to visualize and communicate the outcomes of data initiatives to a wide variety of audiences and stakeholders.