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Give Data A Seat At The Table

A data literate workforce accelerates the pace of innovation, amplifies data capabilities, and improves operational efficiency.

The integration of design thinking principles and data operations has proven to be a powerful combination. Data remains a rapidly evolving set of technologies, strategic and tactical individual and organizational capabilities, and increasingly powerful competitive advantage.

A data culture of teamwork and collaboration generates powerful outcomes by applying the expertise of multiple disciplines to complex data problems. Data is a team sport and gone are the days when any one individual is sufficient to take full advantage of the benefits data can bring to your organization. Signal workshops provide ample opportunity to learn and practice how to amplify the knowledge of multiple experts to increase your organization’s data literacy and analysis skills.

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Signal programs help you and your organization build a genuine data culture to take advantage of the real-world benefits data can provide.


Areas of Practice

data strategy design and execution

Signal has decades of data experience from strategy to implementation, from management to execution. That expertise is available to you through an intentionally collaborative and co-create approach to ensure the closest possible alignment between your goals and our activities.

design thinking + data

Signal offers a unique approach to integrating the principles and methods of design thinking with data literacy and analysis education. Bringing design thinking into your organization is becoming less of a trend and more of a competitive differentiator.

program design & management

Signal’s expertise in program design and management spans a wide variety of topics including: metrics and KPI measurements, train-the-trainer, performance management, learning content design and delivery, ethics, privacy, and data community building.


By 2020, 80% of organizations will implement some form of a data literacy program.
— Frank Buytendijk (Garnter Group)


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